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5 Ideas To Optimize Your Company’s Digital Experience

For every $92 spent on customer acquisition only $1 is spent on optimization.

Understanding your company’s current digital experience and where you can improve is key to your online success. Today’s consumers expect more than ever before. Better quality. Efficiency and productivity, they want it all. Whether your website is providing great content, signing people up or selling things on your e-commerce store, the window of opportunity is usually very small when someone comes to your site - not to mention your competitor’s site is just one click away.

Implementing digital experience optimization within your business is a highly effective way of turning prospects into customers. Gathering real-time information about your audience will help you understand their preferences and points of friction with your site, just making you a better online business in all aspects.

Here are five quick tips to optimize your company’s digital experience:

1. Personalize Your Content
The content of your website can have a direct impact if you're tailoring it to the type of audience that actually views your site. By knowing your demographics, it'll give you the opportunity to let your customer know they fit in and they came to the right place.

2. Target the Right People
Knowing your users will help you deliver the right type of content for prospective customers. By keeping it real and not going off topic, you'll experience the same type of market you work in gravitating towards you because you've built that trust with smart content.

3. Expand Your Social Reach
By now, most businesses know that trying to be active on social media will boost your visibility and connection with prospective customers. Providing the right content is pivotal to social media success as well. Eye-capturing images, relatable text and engagement with the customer will always be key.

4. Effective Emails
The keyword here is effective. Getting the right message, to the right customer, at the right time means that your emails go from junk mail to relevant content. Email communication is extremely powerful with customers as it’s one of the most accessible ways for companies to create one-to-one content. Don’t paint all customers with the same brush.

Hubspot x Optimizely conducted a study that their customers had an increased click-through of 60% when they removed images from marketing emails and just kept text. Know your customer.

5. Make it Easy for People to Complete an Action
Storytelling has taken over the mouths of marketers, but nothing will irritate your customer more than if they have to read through your company’s story before taking the action that brought them to the site. Make it easy for people to consume content, purchase a product or book a consultation.

The advantages are endless when you're focusing on optimization. If you are making the investment to market to people, introduce them to your brand and bring them to your site - why stop there? Implementing optimization will make your business more customer-focused. The return on investment on putting your dollar towards optimization can be far more effective to increase revenue compared to other digital marketing strategies.