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Custom Experiences with Headless Commerce

Headless Commerce FAQs

What is Headless Commerce?
Headless Commerce is decoupling the front-end and back-end system that manages all of the commerce functions of a business.

What are the benefits of Headless Commerce?
The appeal of Headless Commerce to e-commerce agencies like Nuscreen, is that we are build custom experiences for brands that want to stand out to customers who are online shopping. The flexibility and the options make room for more creative possibilities.

  • More site customization options to deliver a more personalized experience
  • Content-led brands can build better content experiences online
  • Flexibility in how things are built

For the web development team, work can be done on the front-end and back-end at the same time saving time and speeding up the process to publish online.

How does this impact Go-To Market strategies?
Headless Commerce can be beneficial for brands looking to scale. With customer engagement at the forefront, brands can deliver on innovative and creative storefronts to better market products and services. To test effectiveness of go-to market strategies, brands can experiment with different executions through A/B testing with the ability to update campaigns quickly.