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Shopify Experts : Creating a U.S. Store

When we’re in the world of growing our business, a lot of the time we tend to have a local mindset that eventually transitions into a more national focus as the business grows. But why stop there? Expanding your business to multiple countries will only multiply your revenue and reach if you're a profitable company. There have been tons of Shopify merchants who stuck to one region and eventually started serving global customers, dramatically increasing profits. That's the goal.

The first step to expanding your Canadian store? Getting into the US market. Our neighbours to the South are pretty similar to us in terms of markets. We generally eat the same things, wear the same things and buy the same things. If your store is able to reach both Canadian and US consumers your profits are going to go through the roof.

Expansion into the World

If you think about it, by only selling in Canada, you're limiting your stores potential to reach larger markets. There are billions of other people out there, and the Canadian market is a fraction of a percent of that.

Alright, maybe you think you've catered to your global customers by shipping internationally. Although this may end up getting you a sale, many customers will end up not purchasing your product just because international shipping is ridiculously expensive.

Accepting Your Payments Locally

We all know we can show many different currencies in our one store, but the downside to that is you can only accept payments in your stores default currency. This can affect your conversions drastically compared to if you offered a local currency option.

If a customer is in Europe, they would much rather pay the local currency when they are shopping over Canadian or US rates. Most people see paying in a different currency as too complicated and messy, usually causing them to exit your site and check out the next best option. By offering the local currency to customers, your sales will definitely increase.

Keep it Local

When you're creating another store, you have to remember that the whole point of this is to keep it simple for customers and keep it local. Offering a local option in your advertising such as Facebook Ads or Google Adwords will help you be set up for more effecting targeting. Don’t waste your money sending US customers to your Canadian store where they won’t be able to pay with their local currency. By targeting properly, you can send them straight to your US shop.

Offering local shipping is always a good way to go as well. By telling the customer “free shipping over x amount” or “you’re x amount away from free shipping” will always resonate well with your consumers and help increase sales.

So how can you set up multiple region shops?

1. Get another Shopify account

2. Get another domain

3. Duplicate your shop

4. Use an IP Redirect to Direct Traffic

5. Update Googles Search Console

By catering more to customers that are outside of Canada, you will see an instant change in your conversion. You will now have access to tap into multiple different markets globally, all with the help of Shopify.