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The Elevator Pitch: A Golden Opportunity

As an entrepreneur, you should be ready to pitch your business at any given moment. For all you know, the biggest opportunity you’ll ever get will be because you stood next to the right person in line while grabbing coffee or sat beside them on an airplane.

Remember — the actual name “elevator pitch” refers to the idea that you should be able to pitch your idea to someone within the time frame of an elevator ride, usually 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Being clear and concise during this time is the most important thing you can do to nail that pitch.

Have your elevator pitch memorized and ready to go at all times. Practice it in the mirror, in the shower, on your friends and family and before you go to sleep at night. As a startup or individual with a business idea, it is important not to get stuck on any emotional or subjective attachment you have to the project. Express your passion for the idea but keep to the highlights and facts when your time frame is so short.


Next 36 pitches from Affan’s Snapchat

A tip from our co-founder at Nuscreen, Affan Imran, “Practice with Snapchat!” Although it only lets you record for 10 seconds, it can be a great way to prepare yourself for the speed round of your pitch. At The Next 36 Summer Kick Off Event, Affan asked young entrepreneurs to tell him about their business using his Snapchat technique. They were excited by the challenge and every single one was able to do it smoothly and effectively. Your pitch may be memorized, but you have to keep it natural. Coming off fake and scripted is a sure way to lose the attention of whomever you’re speaking to.

Have a positive mind frame and be prepared. Your success depends on your ability to explain your business and show what makes your idea unique. One major mistake many people make during their elevator pitch is by starting with who they are, not what they do. “I’m my companies CEO”, or “I’m an accountant”. No one wants to hear a generic statement like that, which they’ve probably heard countless times before. Explain what your business idea is, be authentic and show that you have a passion for it and you’re much more likely to get a positive response.

Elevator pitches of course have an element of luck, but it is ultimately up to you to make an impression.

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity” — Seneca