​#WhatsNU March 2018 | Nuscreen Inc.

​#WhatsNU March 2018

The new year has started with some serious momentum. We thought it was time to take our heads out of our macbooks and share what we’ve been up to for the last couple months.

Here we go…

NU Office on Front St.

After 4 years in our Richmond and Spadina studio, we’ve moved to our next spot. A cool brick and beam building right around the corner from Union Station. It’s been a month since the move and now we’re finally settling in @ 156 Front St. West.

New neighbourhood brings new energy. It’s unfortunate we won't be able to sip cortados at our old fav coffee spot Fahrenheit, but we glad there is a Pilot Coffee in Union St. Good beans are KEY.

Canada. AI Launches at TechTO

We had a lot of fun working on building Canada.ai with the NEXT Canada team. From branding to development, we put built a content aggregator platform to curate AI news, events and startups. Canada.ai launched in January at TechTO.

Canada.AI is a national, collaborative effort that is built to highlight and celebrate Canadian advances in AI and machine learning. Canada is primed to be a big player in Artificial Intelligence. You can check out a brief history of AI in Canada on the site.

Interested in learning more? Join the Canada.AI Slack Community.

Striation 6 Gets Lean and Mean

It was appropriate that we took Striation 6 from a bulky bloated site to a new, lean design.
We love a good before and after story, which is something we share with the guys over at S6.

Striation 6 is a cool innovative fitness and health facility that is headed up by Sam Trotta and Brad Thorpe, couple of cool cats in our opinion. After getting fed up with a clunky Drupal backed website, S6 came to us to design and build them a new site that attracted new signups and let their clients easily find classes, and book sessions on any device. We dumped the Drupal CMS and opted for a newer more modern Craft CMS - extremely flexible, fast and easy to use for anyone on the S6 team.

E.E.S. Celebrates The Big 5-0

At Nuscreen we love to work with iconic brands and partners. This year E.E.S. Financial Services, is celebrating their 50th year anniversary. Started by a innovator in the finance space, John Gibson founded E.E.S. as Canada’s First Fee-Only Financial Planners. E.E.S. came to us to help them announce the milestone with a brand new modern website.

What’s NEXT

We tend to attract clients that want to break the mold. So it’s no surprise that our new year has kicked off with clients in the Crypto and Cannabis industries.

New arenas keep us on our toes. First Facebook announces no advertising Crypto through the ad networks and now Google has done the same. Creativity can come when limitations are presented.

Some of the new projects we’re working on go beyond the mobile or desktop screen. Not quite Black Mirror level, but getting there.