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Why Small Businesses Should Partner With a Digital Marketing Agency - Our Guide

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not merely about getting more website views and building brand awareness. With a digital marketing agency, you can harness SEO’s potential beyond generating more traffic to your site. But how can you do so? Keep reading to find out!

1) ‘Infrastructure Analysis’ shouldn’t be on your mind right now. Leave it to the experts!

The kind of infrastructure or framework that your website uses determines how easy it will be for search engine crawlers to retrieve your site and display it on the search engine results pages. While you may know nothing of crawlers and web structures other than those spiders on your wall, you can leave those technical details to a digital marketing agency to help your website get the best possible ranking.

2) Have you ever conducted link profile audits? We definitely have.

While you focus on auditing your business’ finances, you can let digital marketing agencies handle your link profile audits. A link profile audit simply refers to the process of checking and updating the backlinks within your site. This is because your old backlinks might no longer exist or no longer hold the value that keeps your site afloat on the first page of results.

3) A good user experience (UX) means everything to us.

If more visitors find your website useful and easy to navigate, they have a positive user experience or UX. The more visitors on your site who have positive UX, the more likely search engines are to pick up your website and display it on the first page. Surprisingly, those who do SEO often forget to integrate user feedback into their optimization efforts. What they might not know is that UX standards change through time. A digital marketing agency will gather regular feedback from your site’s visitors to ensure that your website’s UX is consistently positive.

4) Planning SEO campaigns are basically habitual for digital marketing agencies.

Without a strategy and campaign, your risk jumping into your SEO efforts while blind. If you don’t have the time nor the personnel to delve into the nitty-gritty details of an SEO campaign, you can let a digital marketing agency map your campaigns for you. The campaign would involve crafting the messaging of the content, finding and creating backlinks, and timing each post, as well as linking SEO efforts with other online and offline marketing endeavours.

5) Benefit from relevant and high-quality content for your site produced by dedicated professionals.

Recall that SEO involves the production of quality and relevant content to gain visitors’ attention to your website and make them stay there to look around. While you may want to write the best text information there is, people tend to forget it eventually. Likewise, a video’s content may only stick around with 10% of your visitors three days later.

However, if you combine text information with video, you can make your content last longer in the memories of more people, days after they have left your website. Since you may have no time nor equipment to create video ads, a digital marketing agency can do both the content text and video of your site for you.

The advantage of outsourcing SEO to a digital marketing agency is that they have the people, time, and resources to study your target audience’s behaviour and create content that is tailored to that behaviour. Thus, with a digital marketing agency, you can have high-quality content that will keep your online presence afloat and your organic traffic and lead generation steady over time.

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